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Why Seniors Are More Susceptible to Malnutrition


Various factors put seniors at risk of malnutrition. While malnutrition or the lack of nutrients in the body is often caused by eating too little or having an unhealthy diet, this can be combined with physical, social, and psychological issues in seniors. As a Home Care Agency, we often look out for signs of malnutrition in our senior clients.

Some factors that contribute to malnutrition in seniors include:

  • Age-related physical changes
    As we age, we may experience changes such as a change in taste, smell, and appetite, which affect eating habits.
  • Illnesses
    Certain illnesses can affect appetite, how the body processes nutrients, and the physical ability to eat.
  • Medications
    Some medications may inhibit one’s appetite and ability to absorb certain nutrients.
  • Restricted diet
    Dietary restrictions that limit salt, fat, or sugar often contribute to inadequate eating.
  • Limited income
    Older adults may have less income and may not be able to afford groceries especially if they are taking expensive medications.

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